Business Services

We have a wide range of Business Services from business planning and strategy through to project management and support.
Able to support business start-up and growth whilst delivering a healthy return on investment.

Business Services

Business services that are results driven

Criativo can provide an extension to your internal team providing a wide range of services that are tailored to your needs. We listen to our customers feedback to them what we have heard and made suggestions as to how we may be able to help. Projects or ongoing support, UK and overseas we have it covered.

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Business Services

High-quality solutions

In running our own businesses in various sectors, we have a wide appreciation of what drives success in business and the importance of a return on investment. 

Whilst we can deliver tactical solutions, we are as much about strategy and vision, challenging the status quo to deliver high-quality solutions. We help our customers explore their business model, identify their goals and become part of their solution helping to take the business to the next level and beyond. 

Experienced with start-ups, fundraising, realigning existing businesses, business development, expansion planning, organically and through partnering or using the franchise model. 

Business Services


We engage with our client’s targeted prospective audience through:

Business analysis
How you have got to where you are and understanding where you want to go. Looking at your available data.

Business development 
Making the best plans for business progression and growth.

Strategy planning.

Business modelling 
Understanding, refining and developing what you have to offer and how you deliver it.

Full-scale marketing solution
Business and marketing plan writing, creation of brand guidelines, delivery of the plan as your virtual part-time marketing department.

Activity plan.

Do Something Great
Concept of business strategy.

Business Services

We are here to help

We also have experience of working with clients to:

Write information memorandums
For fund raising.

Support board and senior management members 
With our mentoring program.

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